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Love the aesthetic and I need supportive shoes for around the house due to plantar fasciitis.
Jenna D.

The slippers look fantastic and are exactly what I need in my daily life.
Monica H.

After receiving the link from my husband, and then checking out the product, I was sold.  I like that the product supports your feet ( I have plantar fasciitis), has a washable insole, and is made of real shearling.  Such a practical, posh product. Love that it’s women designed and Canadian creation.
Elena D.

I want something other than Birkenstocks to wear in the house that are supportive.
Donna B.

I need new slippers this year, and I love the leopard print! Plus all the other details sold me. Ergonomics, shearling - love.
Meghen T.

I like these slippers as they are comfortable and warm around the house but I can still go get the mail in.
Sheree R.

I live in WI and it’s cold most of the year so I want to wear slippers daily, but they can get smelly. Love the concept of washable insoles. Plus they look really cute!
Michelle G.

I love slippers but have never found the right support in them, I believe Mave & Chez have nailed it.
Jessica A.

I am excited to support female bosses reinventing an aged industry. Can’t wait to get my pair.
Jackie P.