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Proudly designed in Canada

We empower conscious consumers to buy quality over quantity. That’s why we ethically produce our slippers in Southern Brazil and locally source our genuine and durable materials responsibly, reducing our carbon footprint. Proudly designed in Canada.

Reusability and recyclability

To help combat the waste generated by the fashion industry, we are committed to re-circulating footwear with the support of our sustaibility partner, SOLES4SOULS.

Sustainable materials

Genuine leathers can last far longer than synthetic materials made from plastics, allowing you to keep your slippers longer and reduce the amount of waste from the fashion industry.

With washable insoles, your slippers will last longer helping to reduce the negative impact on our environment. 

Our slipper box is made from 70% recyclable materials and 100% recyclable made with soy ink, and has an FSC designation.

Health and well being

With so many hands that go into creating our slippers, we are invested in the health and well being of our team on the ground. 

  • Factory workers receiving fair wages in high work standards
  • locally sourced materials reducing carbon footprint (by not sourcing overseas) 
  • Durable and genuine materials that are low maintenance, long lasting

Our goal is to continue to source sustainable materials to help reduce the negative impact on our environment and to significantly reduce the fashion industry's carbon footprint.