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The Maven Collection

With our 9 function-first features that include arch support and temperature control, House Flats are classically stylish and provide unparalleled support.

9 Function First Features

Designed with the help of podiatrists and foot experts, MAVES are classically stylish and provide unparalleled support

Arch Support

Encourages alignment and improves posture

Deep Heel Cup

Improves stability, helping with pronation or supination

Bend Test Approved

Temperature Control

Genuine shearling interior for maximized breathability

Happy Toes Technology

Ventilation and space so your toes can “dance"


With an anti-stink soft insole top layer, say goodbye to stinky slippers

Washable Insole

Removable and wash our insoles so your slippers will last longer


Shock absorbing, anti-slip sole so your slippers can go wherever you go

Structured Midsole

Improves balance, minimizing pain and discomfort

Too often, supportive slippers for women come at the expense of style, forcing you to choose between support and sophistication.

Introducing House Flats™: the perfect cross between a comfortable loafer, sophisticated slipper, with the support of a sneaker

We empower conscious consumers to buy quality over quantity. That’s why we ethically produce our slippers in Braziland locally source our genuine and durable materials responsibly, reducing our carbon footprint. 

With washable insoles, your slippers will last longer helping to reduce the negative impact on our environment.

Learn more about ourcommitment to sustainability.