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Visiting our Factory in Brazil

A new year means new adventures are on the horizon and was time to hop on a plane and visit our factory for the very first time in Brazil, giving us the opportunity to see how our House Flats™ are made first-hand. We had two intentions while visiting: finalize our production timelines and get to know our team on the ground. Mave & Chez wouldn’t be what it is if not for our product development team, and we are so grateful to have spent time getting to know them and getting a better understanding of their processes. 

That brings us to our first tidbit, hundreds of hands go into making our House Flats™. Seeing this firsthand gave us a new perspective and excitement on why it’s so important to understand where your product is coming from and who's making it. 

The factory is a family-run business and you can tell from the moment you walk in. We truly felt like family. During our first day, we were able to witness all the innovative technology and machinery, optimized to protect and keep their employees safe.  We carefully selected this factory to partner with because Brazil is known to have strict labour laws and factory standards, and the majority of their materials are sourced locally, reducing our carbon footprint significantly.

We’re extremely proud of the advancements this factory has made to improve the quality of life for its employees. All employees are protected by a union, and this year, wages were increased by 10%. They also have mandated breaks for lunch (1.5 hours to be exact) along with morning and afternoon breaks.

We were overjoyed to have had the chance to get to know so many of the 200 employees and speak with them directly. Many discussions with our team was to better understand how our House Flats™ are made and find ways to improve the design. We asked lots (and we mean LOTS) of questions and were able to innovate our design and construction further, maximizing the ergonomic features in a way that's never been done before in a slipper (while also keeping it stylish). We visited many of our suppliers and gain a better understanding of the source and origin of a lot of the materials that our House Flats™ are made with. It’s going to be so important for us to continue making visits to our factory a priority so that we’re delivering on our promise of high-quality products in a timely manner.
This visit made it abundantly clear that Mave & Chez, alongside our partners, are committed to creating a House Flat that serves a higher purpose. From how they’re made, to who’s making them and the impact we can have on our surrounding communities and the environment. Each piece plays a pivotal role in our decision-making and, we hope, helps everyone continue to build their legacy in a humane and impactful way.