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Step Boldly with MAVES

This Mother's Day, amidst the blossoms of May and the warm embrace of loved ones, we turn our focus to the irreplaceable influence of mothers, and all motherly figures, with the launch the Step BOLDLY campaign.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to inspire women to step into their confidence and embrace the strength within themselves. This campaign isn't just about recognizing the role of mothers; it's about celebrating every woman who plays a pivotal role in nurturing the future generations.

The Stories That Define Us

Motherhood comes with a myriad of stories—stories of triumph, resilience, and unconditional love. This Mother’s Day, we're sharing impactful stories of mother-daughter duos who exemplify what it means to live boldly and confidently. Let's take a closer look at a few.

Patricia and Sara

Patricia, whose journey began when her mother, Sara had her at 16, symbolizes the boldness of young motherhood and the fierce independence it can foster.


Kathy and Sarah

At 63, Kathy, who watched her siblings battle cystic fibrosis, instilled in her daughter Sarah, 37, the strength to face life's toughest challenges with grace and courage.

Glenda and Natasha

Glenda, 61, an immigrant from Ecuador, and 1st Gen Natasha, 32, share a journey of stepping into a new world, embodying the essence of courage and the pursuit of dreams against all odds.

Melyssa and Kate

Melyssa, 47, a breast cancer survivor, and her daughter Kate, 17, highlight the strength and beauty in fighting and overcoming life’s harsh realities together.

Chelsea and Irene

Chelsea, 30, deeply influenced by her grandmother and a proud member of the First Nations, alongside her grandmother Irene, 80, shows us the power of heritage and the depth of roots that nurture our very being.


Join Us in Stepping BOLDLY

As we approach Mother’s Day, we challenge you to celebrate not just mothers, but all women who are mentors, leaders, and pioneers in their own right. Our "Step BOLDLY" campaign is more than just a celebration; it's a movement towards a future where every woman steps into each day with confidence and pride.

We believe that when women are empowered to live confidently, they light a fire of confidence in others, creating a chain reaction of empowerment. This Mother’s Day, let's support, uplift, and inspire one another. Let's honour the BOLD steps taken by the mothers and mother figures who have shaped us, by stepping boldly ourselves.

This campaign celebrates the strength of every woman, the resilience of every mother, and the journey of every daughter finding her path in the world. 

Mave & Chez is committed to donating 10% of proceeds from the Step Boldly Campaign sales to Shelter Movers: a national charity assisting individuals and families in finding refuge from abuse and gender-based violence.

Step boldly into Mother’s Day, and every day, because you deserve to.