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Earth Day 2023

Sustainability in business is a practice that must be at the forefront of its core values. Those who have fallen behind must evolve and act immediately. We need to consider the future, and how our current actions will impact the future of our planet.

This Earth Day, we wanted to dive deeper into the sustainability efforts that Mave & Chez instills in our brand ethos and day-to-day actions. Bear in mind, this goes beyond our slippers. As we continue to learn and evolve, our sustainable efforts will too, and we hope to inspire other brands to do the same.

Searching for the right Production Partner

It took over two years to find a factory that fit our production needs and met our sustainable goals. We chose this factory for several reasons, which you can read more about here. Their sustainability in business is prevalent in many areas including sourcing materials to make our slippers. Every piece of material is sourced locally meaning we don’t offshore anything and are therefore reducing our carbon footprint. 

Slippers Made to Last

The focus has always been to help women invest in slippers that have unparalleled support. This also means there is the added benefit of quality over quantity. There is a sense of quiet luxury when you first are introduced to Maves. When we dive a little deeper into what makes them unique and sustainable, this includes our genuine and durable materials. We source ourgenuine materials that last significantly longer than synthetics from a reputable source. Our insoles are even washable, so they last longer and thus eliminating waste that often ends up in our landfills. 

The Finishing Touches 

It doesn’t stop there. Our packaging is made from 70% recyclable materials and 100% recyclable soy ink with an FSC designation. Our goal has been and always will be to source sustainable materials to reduce the negative impact on our environment and the fashion industry.

Our Sustainability Partner: Soles 4 Souls 

We remain committed to the environment while supporting those in need by partnering with Soles4Souls, an organization that is committed to recirculating footwear. We look forward to seeing how this relationship will continue to flourish and the ways our community can contribute to this wonderful organization.

Final Thoughts 

As you continue to explore the brands and businesses you support, we encourage you to review their sustainability commitments. There are no excuses when it comes to protecting the future of our planet and we hope to set an example for others.