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Thanks to your support, Maves are in production and we are taking orders for Spring 2023.

We’re Dani & Victoria - best friends and former competitive dancers. We know the importance of taking care of your physical health, which starts with supportive house shoes. We believe that all women deserve to feel chic and sophisticated without compromising their comfort.

Our Mission

Made by women, for women.

Legacy is the impact we continue to make on the world and how that’s woven into our unique journeys. As passionate female founders, our mission is simple: to empower women to live boldly and build their legacy… with every step.

We're inviting you to live boldly and step into your legacy

(wearing Maves of course)

Why Slippers

Ergonomically designed for all day wear

Spending workdays from home in bare feet and flat frumpy slippers can take a  toll on your back, feet, and overall well-being. Wearing slippers can make you feel cozy, but most slippers lack the support needed for all day wear.

That’s why we created Maves. To bring women everywhere actually supportive slippers that make them feel and look incredible.

Our Roots

It’s been over twelve years since we launched our first business together with humble beginnings at the University of Toronto and we haven’t looked back! Since the beginning, we have had a shared passion for building community and creating impactful brands.

Three successful businesses later (plus a few not so successful ones in between), and over $250k raised for local charities, we’re ready to launch our biggest initiative yet. As passionate and driven female founders, our mission is simple: to empower women to live boldly and build a legacy… with every step.

Dani Kagan & Victoria Marshman,
Co-founders of Mave & Chez

The Name


We both are named after our strong late grandmothers. We wanted to pay homage to Mavis (aka Mave) and Sheina (aka Shay/Chez) and all the women who came before us, who paved the way, who raised other strong women, and who gave so much to others.

Also, it just so happens that Mave and Chez also translates into “The Home Connoisseurs”.
Coincidence? We think not.