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Mother's Day Gift Guide

The relationship between mother and child is eternal. It is a bond that runs deep and represents feelings and emotions that are physical, emotional and spiritual.

We speak a lot about the legacy we as individual people embrace, without realizing the influence our mothers have from the day we are born. This Mother’s Day we celebrate the giving and caring nature of those we hold close to our hearts. The ones who care and nurture us, who guides us on our journey and are on the sidelines cheering. As a company built on legacy, we celebrate mothers, mother figures and those who bestow unrelenting love and nurturing to those in need, and we celebrate them all year. 
Mave & Chez slippers (aka Maves) are made by women for women because we understand how busy a mom’s life can be. Gifting a pair of Maves is the perfect way to tell someone you support them but now have one less thing to worry about. 
When they step into their Maves, they will feel an immediate transformation. As a function-first slipper, they will feel the benefits of over 9 ergonomic features, making their day-to-day life that much easier. With unparalleled support all while looking stylish and chic, you can’t go wrong. 
And let’s be real, these slippers can also be with you on the go, so they don’t have to think twice when leaving the house. The tough question will be, which pair would mom love as a mother’s day gift?
We’ve picked some of the best Mother's Day gifts that will complement a pair of Mave & Chez slippers that symbolize our profound gratitude. We embrace the learnings and love handed down to us and draw inspiration from these incredible matriarchs. 
Here you will find Mother’s Day gifts that will make them feel loved and cozy and that will last. 
1. The Audrey: Classic & timeless. Your go-to slipper when working from home or at the office. The Audrey is a sophisticated option that offers unparalleled support.
2. White Topaz Mom Necklace: Honour the incredible mom in your life by gifting her something she’ll love! This beautiful MOM necklace is sentimental, thoughtful, and boasts the perfect mix of sparkle and shine. Sterling Silver and White Topaz combine to create a special token she’s sure to treasure forever.
3. Flower Subscription: Enjoy a colourful and unique bouquet of blooms weekly or monthly. With over 20 years in the industry, Becky (owner) flowers are what she knows.  
4. The Maya: Stylish. Versatile. Effortless. Your secret slippers for the office, errands, and great for taking you on the go. An easy-to-slide on and off, halfback for additional heel cup support to improve stability. 
5. Striped Grey Robe: Inspired by Slim Aarons' 70s, Striped Black Robe carries the minimal lines of the contemporary era and the elegance of linen. Luxurious fast-drying organic cotton & linen blend. 
6. Mom Truth's Book: Embarrassing stories and brutally honest advice on the extremely real struggle of motherhood.