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International Women's Day 2023

On Wednesday, March 8th, Mave & Chez brought together over 100 leaders across the globe to participate in a fireside chat on what it means to build their legacy.

This incredible event was hosted on International Women’s Day, and we had attendees all the way from Toronto to India dial in.

International Women’s Day is a cause for celebration but also a reminder that we must remain diligent in our efforts to uplift, encourage and support women all year round. That’s why we chose to partner with amazing women-led businesses and organizations that are creating positive changes within their industries. These women are trailblazers and we feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to hear their inspiring stories and insights. 

Our speakers included Alyssa Kerbel, founder of Mini Mioche, who built her ethical and sustainable children’s brand in 2008 into what is now a movement across Canada. She taught us that your concept of what your legacy may be will evolve over time. For years, it was so closely tied to her business and has since transformed into how she makes people feel.

"I see legacy as being the impact I have on other people and how I make them feel." Alyssa Kerbel

We also had the opportunity to hear from Erica Rome Washington, co-owner of Riverbirch Candles, a powerhouse of an entrepreneur who started her business with her husband out of a 1-bedroom apartment in 2018, creating custom candles, room sprays, and matches. As a young entrepreneur, Erica believes that your legacy is built on the energy you create, how you make people feel and all the little changes and impacts you can implement in your day-to-day life.

"Your legacy is built on the energy you create and how you make people feel." Erica Rome Washington

Francine Mvoumbo, founder of Mothers to Daughters, is an organization that strives to bridge the intergenerational gap between younger women and the more experienced. Her younger self believed success and legacy meant being able to achieve certain milestones in her professional career. Her perspective shifted when she started to embrace the learning opportunities around her.  Francine believes in fuelling what she is passionate about while also creating a positive impact on her community to pave the way for future generations. 

"Embrace your learning opportunities and pave the way for future generations" Francine Mvoumbo

Mave & Chez strives in creating change and a safe space for the community to gather through our events (because there will be more!), supporting various non-profits and encouraging you to live your life boldly. For this event, we partnered with Good to Be Good, a community-wide grassroots humanitarian and advocacy non-profit organization with a mission to serve women and marginalized communities. For two days, we donated 20% of our profits to help create a wave of positive change beyond the event.

We’re committed to putting in the work and advocating for those in need by providing additional events that serve a higher purpose. If you missed this unforgettable event, be sure to sign up for our newsletter here so you don’t skip a beat. 

And if you would like to view this event, the video is below for your viewing pleasure. We promise it will be something you’ll have on repeat and maybe learn something new each time.